Student Success Stories

The students quoted below were not compensated monetarily or were not compensated with a product in exchange for their endorsement.

Lisa Delong

I’ve wanted to invest for several years. I’ve been licensed for 18 years. It was my goal this year to take some investment classes. I didn’t take advantage of it earlier I guess because I was waiting for the right program/class that I felt would be the best and give me the best knowledge and “how to.” The Crash Course training that first weekend was far beyond anything I could have imagined. During that training, I thought The HomeSchooled Team were “the ones to teach me” and the absolute bomb. I’ve watched Flip or Flop from the first season so I felt comfortable moving forward, as I knew Tarek was legit. If you really want to become a highly successful business owner with flipping homes, this is by far the most knowledgeable company to move forward with. I cannot say enough positive things about Homeschooled. I’ve learned so much and I can see through this program that I also can create generational wealth. They don’t hold back on training and teaching and I love that about them. They are the real deal! I’ve had to pass on two deals as the number wouldn’t work. With the knowledge my coach has shared with me I feel that I would have lost my butt in the second deal for sure had I not been involved with Homeschooled. As an agent I’ve seen a lot of flipped properties for sale and I talk my clients out of them. Coming out of the gate with the mentorship program, I feel like a professional flipper. I absolutely love my Homeschooled peeps!

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Tate Akopyan

I have been wanting to invest for 2 years now but the fear of failure and not knowing how to get started in the business always stopped me from jumping in. I found Tarek's program when he advertised it on his Instagram and enrolled right away. The reason I felt comfortable joining the program was because Tarek always came across as a genuine person who truly wanted to pass the learning he has had onto other people. I also reached out to another mentorship program and for the money they charged they barely offered anything with it. I have loved my experience thus far. My weekly sessions have been so important in taking my business to the next level. The Group Coaching Calls have been filled with so much powerful knowledge. I believe this program really is for everyone who is ready to invest in themselves and in real estate. I would tell anyone who's hesitant to get started that the best investment to make is in yourself. Learn everything you can so you can become a long term investor.

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Noni & Gerard Rangel

The idea for pursuing real estate came a few years ago, but we didn’t feel ready to start. We thought that you needed to save money first in order to start investing. For the past few years we were able to pay off our cars, credit cards and student loans and we thought now it’s the time to start investing. Unfortunately when we went to see a property we quickly realized that we didn’t know what we were doing and at that moment I knew I had to educate myself. The Crash Course was amazing and we felt that we were in the right place. The information was very valuable and we knew that we couldn’t do it by ourselves. We needed mentors to teach and support us along the way. There is something magical in the way the guys teach. If you are someone who is unsure if real estate investing is for you, the Crash Course is the best place to start. You will never know until you try! Our experience with HomeSchooled has been great. All the coaches are very supportive and knowledgeable. We are grateful for this opportunity.

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Joe Cohen

I have had the dream of being a real estate investor since I was 18 years old. I never acted on my dream because I had a consumer mindset, thinking I needed to go to college, find a career and work up to becoming an investor. I have been increasing my financial I.Q. since the pandemic started. As I have been attending online seminars and training videos, my search triggered an advertisement from HomeSchooled by Tarek on social media. It was a free 1-hour training, and during that training Ruyguy and Josh offered the Crash Course for a nominal fee (compared to other trainings I have attended). The number one reason why I felt comfortable participating is due to the amount of valuable information I learned in the 1-hour session. This program provided more value in an hour than I received in 20 years in real estate. Not to mention, they weren’t trying to sell more solutions during the entire training. I truly felt they want to help people learn to be financially free, and not trying to take advantage of people's hard earned money. My experience with Homeschooled by Tarek has been five stars since I started the program. They truly want to help you be successful in real estate investing. My advice to anyone who is hesitant to get started is, DO NOT WAIT! The amount of knowledge I am gaining is going to pay dividends in the very near future.

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Stefani Guzman & Jorge Ruiz

My boyfriend and I have been wanting to invest for a few years now. We did not take action due to the lack of capital, knowledge, network, and simply the fear of failing and not understanding the systems. I found Tarek’s program through an ad on Instagram. The ad was about a 1 hour webinar on learning how to flip houses, learning the systems, and how to create a network of investors and other flippers (associates) in our area. We have attended many other webinars in the past, but they were all extremely pricey, and did not seem very genuine about the students’ growth. They mostly seemed more interested in selling memberships, getting subscribers, and we would be on our own with the limited information and documents provided. At HomeSchooled, the team really has an interpersonal connection and it really feels like they are enthusiastic about helping us, the students, learn and grow in the industry. My boyfriend and I have learned a lot, and in the span of a month we have gotten our business, marketing, and pitch templates set up. The team is diligently working with us to help us get a few deals on the books pretty soon. Without HomeSchooled, this would have taken my boyfriend and I years to accomplish with lots of trial and error and potentially a few $$ losses. In the words of Tarek, “You can’t say it didn’t work out if you didn’t try”. It is 100% worth it and the investment will pay off in itself after the first couple of deals.

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Eric & Rebecca

My husband and I could not be happier with the mentorship we have received from Homeschooled by Tarek and the entire team! They have been nothing but supportive, informative and all around just down to earth people. Last year (2020) was a crazy year and we spent time learning from entrepreneurs in similar spaces. One follow led to another which brought us to Tarek's team where we came into contact with an opportunity to learn from someone who we have been watching on TV for years! My husband and I knew we were not reaching our full potential. So we began searching for help from experts we felt we could trust. When it came time to join the free webinar by Homeschooled we knew we had nothing to lose but knowledge and tools to gain. Not only has this team been there for us, we would not be where we are without them. We have learned how important relationships in this business are for your success and how you can not do it alone. Our initial investment has far paid for itself and we are so beyond grateful for this opportunity. We are confident in our decision and can't recommend it enough. Thank you for changing our lives!

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