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Before You Earn It

Real estate Investing education that sets ourselves apart by being obsessed with the educational experience, focused on our students’ success, and staying true to our vision of providing people with life changing opportunities.

As Seen On

Two Time Cancer Survivor. Dad. Entrepreneur. HGTV Host. Real Estate Expert.

An economic recession, divorce and two bouts with cancer can’t slow Tarek El Moussa down. For over 20 years, Tarek has powered through his financial, physical, and emotional struggles, all while landing him his own HGTV show, worldwide recognition, and most importantly, financial stability for himself and his family.

Tarek’s extensive real estate experience, determination to get the job done right, and thirst for educating others has inspired him to launch Homeschooled by Tarek, an innovative program showcasing his expertise and winning formula for today’s ever-changing real estate landscape.

You’ve seen me do it on TV for years…

Now it’s Your turn to go get it.

There’s two types of people that watch Tarek’s shows… People that just truly enjoy the content and watch it purely for entertainment, and people that are inspired and think to themselves “why not me?” The truth is… This isn’t a spectator sport. Our goal is to give you the resources to get off the couch, support your action taking, and make it a reality for yourself.
Proven Success

The Only Prerequisite is Wanting More For Yourself.

Our entire team has been hand selected not just as impressive real estate entrepreneurs, but also as teachers with a strong capability to strategically break down proven formulas for success. We’re proud to say our trusted brand has taught thousands of people through our mentorship program and training, but here’s the thing… We can’t take any of the credit. Our students are the X factor. We’ve had students from all different backgrounds and walks of life find success through real estate investing and it all started with the same exact thing… Wanting more for themselves.

Our Programs

Powerful Real Estate Systems for Investors of all Levels

01. Crash Course

An in-depth, 4-part LIVE course covering real estate investing A-Z.

We like your style.

Jump right into our 6-hour, 4-part accelerated LIVE Crash Course where we teach you the four main phases of flipping.

02. Mentorship

Additional support and 1-on-1 exclusive coaching for committed investors.

Want to avoid mistakes and save valuable time?

A mentor personally assigned to you, who knows your area, understands your deals and who can be your walking answer book.

Want to get rich overnight?
This is goodbye.

Fast cars, flashy lifestyles, and promises of wealth are not our style. Anyone who tells you this journey is easy… run the other way. Our industry is flooded with gurus that want to sell you shortcuts and create the illusion that in a short amount of time, you’ll have all the things that they have on their social media profiles. Real estate investing takes a lot of hard work, and our company is designed around creating products and a community of support to guide you along the way.

We can’t be a successful company without successful students

Not Sure Where to Start?

Getting started can be stressful, we get it. We actually created this entire website to help people navigate the different programs we have and find the information that is right for them, but we know everyone’s situation is different. If you’re still a little confused on where or how to get started, schedule a call with our team and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Your Growth Plan

Whatever your motive – family, financial freedom, vacations, retirement – you’ve come to the right place. You’re stuck and struggling to get to the next level in the real estate game. Trust us, we’ve been there, and now, you don’t have to. Our caring, passionate and highly experienced team of experts can help guide you toward achieving your dreams.

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